Quality Program

Quality Program

Our Quality Program has evolved through substantial research work and studies carried out in industrial quality assurance & control practices, and our hands-on experience in the industry. The purpose of our quality assurance program is to delineate the structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes, and resources needed to ensure Spraw Systems meets or exceeds the needs of our customers.

As part of our Quality Management System (QMS), we have documented quality manual and established set of guidelines and procedures used in our daily operations. These are living documents represent industry best Quality Assurance Procedures (QAP), legal compliance and a snap-shot in time with respect to our Quality Program.

Our quality manual describes Spraw Systems' QMS, the processes involved in the operation of our quality management system, the interaction of these processes within the system, and our established policies as they relate to applicable Quality Management System standard(s) Requirements. The manual defines our quality policy and objectives,management's commitment to quality and the identification of our processes and their owner's. The manual is revised accordingly to keep it up to date with our processes as they are continually improved upon.

The Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures are customised to the industry requirement in line with Project Quality Assurance Program as desired by the customer and in coherence with the industry standards. The QAPs are made available to the customer during the final stages of tendering procedure.