Environment Policy - Caring for the Planet

Environmental policy at Spraw Systems includes efforts to minimize our environmental impact and identify areas for improvement in our operations. This means making choices that help to reduce waste and energy use that increase resource efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint and enable customers and business associates to support a healthy planet. We ensure strict compliance with environmental regulations, and strive for innovation throughout our business. As a professional custom-manufacturer and services company, our impacts are largely due to our engineering operations and supply chain. Therefore, we are committed to incorporation of sustainable operational design in all projects.

Energy Impact

Spraw Systems continues to increase focus and progress on in our impact on the climate by understanding, optimizing and reducing the energy usage in our engineering operations. This includes using energy-efficient and automated manufacturing technologies, optimally transporting, utilising, stocking and disseminating our material, increasing the number of environmentally friendly spaces, incorporating sustainable design in our facilities and using green energy. Our projects are assured by the quality processes aimed towards environment friendly operations.

Our Waste Profile

Spraw Systems continues to reduce overall waste, reduce environmental impacts, increase recycling and improve waste service efficiencies.