Health & Safety Policy

Policy Statement

Spraw Systems is committed to: the health, safety and welfare at work of its employees; complying with applicable health & safety legal requirements; and, the continual improvement of its health & safety control arrangements and performance.

Specifically, the Company is committed to providing and maintaining: control of the Health & Safety (H&S) risks arising from work activities a safe place of work, safe workshop, equipment and safe and healthy working environment; arrangements for the safe use, handling, storage and transport of material; necessary information, instruction, training and supervision to protect safety and health at work.


Spraw Systems' overall H&S objective is to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational ill-health at all locations under Company management control. We have the principle of "Everyone is responsible for health & safety", wherein we are accountable for our own safety and the safety of those around us and have the right and duty to stop unsafe situations.


To effectively establish and maintain day to day H&S at work, the line management bears the direct responsibility. At all locations where Company employees work or to which they report, the management of H&S at work is the ultimate responsibility of the senior manager at that location. Our Leaders actively engage and visibly demonstrate their commitment to Incident and Injury Free culture, where. We provide a safe workplace through effective risk management to identify and control all hazards to an acceptable level. Our employee has access to and basic understanding of this H&S policy document, documented responsibilities for H&S at work and the provision of necessary H&S information, instruction and training. We undertake corrective and preventative actions where any incidents, accidents or occupational ill-health occur.

Control Statements

The actions that we are taking to achieve are H&S objectives are: